What makes ‘earth’ cleaning better?

Traditional cleaners most likely clean your home with toxic cleaners that can impact your health and leave lingering chemical odors. More and more of us are consciously deciding to lead a more ‘green’ lifestyle – not just because we care about the planet, and its limited resources, but also because we know it will help protect the health of our families and pets.

Going green doesn’t mean compromising on a clean home either.  From top to bottom, we pay close attention to detail, leaving your home immaculate and welcoming for you and your loved ones.

Our team


Co-owner (208) 559-6636

Celicia founded Earth Home Cleaning in 2011. With her years in organic farming, parenting of an 11 year old boy, and training as an aspiring herbalist, Celicia brings an environmentally mindful ethos to the cleaning world. She is a hardworking and thoughtful individual, never afraid to put forth effort into the environment around her. Her calm and collected nature combined with a desire to manage and grow a cleaning business and change the world (even if only in her own little way) is a driving force. Being raised in a blended family from Idaho, she understands the value of community, nature and order.


Co-owner (208) 859-2987

Jenn Siegel has been in the hotel, janitorial, and residential cleaning world for 12 years, prior of Greener Cleaners. After being required to use harsh chemicals in the hotels she worked for she began to research cleaning supplies that were bio-based (made from plants and biodegradable). The research began because of her chemical sensitivities but she also discovered the ill effects common household cleaners and pesticides have on the rivers and ecosystems. Jenn is dedicated to environmentally thoughtful and sustainable practices in her personal life and businesses. When she isn’t cleaning homes, she is welding art pieces or flatwater kayaking for fun.

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